Machines and technology

We provide a full range of wood working machines and technology for our customers.

We provide a wide range of wood working machines for any standard or specific demand. Optimization of your production line has become an essential part of your business. In this area we are the best.

Tools and spare parts

Providing the technical support has become an important part for the producers of furniture all around the world.

We provide our customers with standard and special wood working tools. Special woodworking tolls are becoming each year more complex by design. Company G3 di Fantacci is the best in this field. Without servicing the machine, the machine can’t properly and effectively work. We are providing to our clients original spare parts and the best knowledge of service.


The best and the easiest way for the customer is to get all the solution in one place. Because of complicated custom demands in various countries for the client is the easiest way that we do all the work for them. We have highly specialized network of people who know the system to bring the machine to final destination.