A complete range of machines for joinery workshops and small-scale production.

World leader in the production of woodworking machinery and systems.A wide range of machines for woodworking and furniture production for small, medium and large companies.

Industrial woodworking machines and systems for medium and large productions.

Drilling CNC centers and multifunctional milling and filler centers.

Edge banding machines with format cutting, panels softforming, special purpose.

Industrial beam saw centers for cutting various panel, material (MDF, chipboard, plastic boards with veneer overhangs).

Engineering and production of automatized transporting lines.

Double side tenon machines and special CNC centers for production of laminate and parquet.

Industrial machines and lines for grinding, sizing, polishing, aging and highlighting the texture.

Production of high-speed drilling machines and lines.

Specialized milling CNC centers for housing and industrial use.

Automated systems for warehouses.

Assembly lines, packaging systems and machines.

Engineering and production of lines and finishing systems.

Designing and complete setting of machinery and electrical component system.

Iron foundry for casting different parts of machine.

Production of machines and parts from steel for welding and finish painting.

Presses for manufacturing doors, laminated parquet and laminate.

Industrial robotic machines and systems for finishing and painting.

Production of electro spindles, electric motors, gearboxes for machines and lines.

High-precision CNC centers for all applications and sizes.

High-precision CNC centers for glass and stone.

High-precision CNC centers for plastic applications.

High-precision CNC centers for machining composite materials.

Industrial woodworking machines for manufacturing chairs and non-standard items.

Manual and CNC carving machines.

High-tech equipment system for the production of chairs, armchairs, tables, sofas, garden furniture.

High-quality hole drilling machines.

Solid wood processing machines and lent.

A full range of pressing equipment (hot and cold presses, membrane and liquid, bending and HDTV),
automated pressing lines.

Production program of V.Vecchiato includes special hydraulic presses for banding wood and plates for pressing different textures.

Mechanical presses for pressing furniture panels and beams.

Machines for processing solid wood.

High-quality production lines for sawing timber.

A wide range of equipment for surface finishing, with the possibility of obtaining large production volumes in the wrapping, laminating and flat profiling surfaces.

Industrial robotic machines for painting and sanding systems.

Production of sanding tables, painting booths, pressurized painting systems for finishing.

Production of distillers for recycling process water or other waste water.

Industrial equipment for making furniture and various elements from polyurethane.

Automated drying chambers for solid wood with different volumes..

Aspiration station (silos) and solutions for small, medium and large enterprises with the ability to collect, filtrate and storage waste.

Industrial extraction units for the woodworking industry.

A full range of compressor equipment, parts and components.

Machines for grinding saws, knives, beam saws, drills. Welding equipment to braze tools.

Production of high-tech tools for woodworking industry. Special tools from standard HM or diamond material.

Production of high quality sanding paper and materials.

High-quality glue and it components.

A wide range of edge banding materials from ABS to the veneer (mat gloss, two-color, foil, lazer melt, air melt, different textures veneer).

Leading manufacturer of coatings and it’s components.

Production of wide range of furniture accessories.

More than 25 years of experience in the field of aspiration hoses production.